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The BrooksGroup provides Copyright, Patent, Trademark, and Trade Secret Services for our clients in a full service approach to intellectual property law. 


IP Strategy

To protect our clients’ important assets and interests, we at the BrooksGroup strive to be the best of the best.  To achieve this goal we have developed a variety of unique IP strategies.

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Intellectual property law refers to the body of law involving inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images and designs used in commerce. 


The BrooksGroup offers a range of patent related services for clients in the US and internationally. We pride ourselves in being extremely knowledgeable about the most recent patent rules and relevant case law.


The BrooksGroup provides state, federal, and international trademark services to clients whether the client is at the business conception stage or is an established international company.

Trade Secrets

The BrooksGroup can provide assistance in establishing and maintaining trade secret programs to assure that the information to be protected is kept secret and not generally known to the public.


The BrooksGroup attorneys have extensive experience in clearance, prosecution, monitoring, enforcement and licensing of copyrighted subject matter.


The BrooksGroup offers litigation services in a variety of state and federal courts, including the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board, Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences and others.

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